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Thursday, July 24, 2008

So You Can Laugh if you Want To

Today's Dinosaur Comic is strangely apt. I started to listen to "Philosophy" by Ben Folds and suddenly I was back in college, and I could taste vodka. It's not a particularized memory as far as I can tell (maybe I've just forgotten all the other details), but it really is remarkable how vividly the memory comes back when the song starts playing. Anyway my somewhat self-destructive tendency to listen to a song or CD over and over until I don't like it anymore has the effect of realizing T-Rex's goal. If I want to be back in Chicago in the springtime, baking bread and then walking north through the park where the parakeets live, all I have to do is listen to No Depression by Uncle Tupelo. Listening to Alan's music makes me nauseated, but I don't think that's because I was ill when I first listened to it, I think it's just the direct effect of the music.

Kidding, kidding.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Best Sexual Euphamism Ever

From the interview in the New York Times Magazine. What makes it so good is that it's clearly dirty, but still a little cryptic:

I read somewhere that you and Hillary dated when she was still at Wellesley.
To call it a date is an exaggeration. She and I went out to see Antonioni’s “Blow-Up.” The only thing I remember is that she wanted what seemed to me to be an extraordinary amount of butter on her popcorn.

[UPDATE: Forgot to mention, for those who didn't click the link, a good deal of the hilarity is that the interviewee is Robert Reich.]