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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Madness of Clouds

Can any man, in good faith and free from financial conflict-of-interest, hold that this weather is entirely suitable for man's enjoyment? And yet to deny that after the passage of two months, Nature will reveal herself in all her glory, were the most damnable perversion.  How shall we reconcile these well-established facts, standing as they do in relation to one another as the Antipodes to our native isle?  I can no more avoid the conclusion, that th' passage of time works a mysterious change in the world, far beyond that which an untutored man could conceive, than I can bring my wife to that most cherished place, to which she previously did venture, accompanied by greater men than I, but now must needs visit alone.

And so it is that we rededicate ourselves to that cause, whose name I need not invoke, it being implicit in every action we take, guided by that Reason bestowed upon us as our birthright.  Happy we be, though the sky spit upon us from its cold mouth!  Happy we be, though the sun visit us not!  Happy we be, though the very sea swallow us up, provided only that the last word to pass our lips convey to the Heavens that truth revealed to us by the weather that does ensconce us in this gentle land.