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Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a Good Question

More stunningly good logic from Slate:

Clinton's support among these key demographics also provides her with her electability argument as she tries to make the case that Obama is a modern-day George McGovern—the pet rock of the party's wealthy liberal wing. "How can we have a nominee who can't win the votes of working-class people?" says one Clinton strategist. It's a good question.

Yes, yes, excellent question. I have a followup: How can we have a nominee who can't win the votes of women? Isn't that an even bigger problem for Obama? Likewise, how can we have a nominee like Clinton, who can't win the votes of black people? Now that I think about it, the Democrats are certain to lose in November, given the failure of either Clinton or Obama to mobilize more than about half of the party. I'm going to go make a fortune on Intrade.