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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Halloween for Adults

So, in fact, Halloween already is for adults. We bribe kids with candy to induce them to dress up in adorable costumes and visit our houses. Still, I was thinking, other than buying candy and dressing up as sexy cats, adults don't do much. So here's my idea for a more grown-up version of Halloween, which is compatible with keeping the Halloween traditions already in place.

Don't dress up as anything. Just adopt someone else's personality for the day. Use distinctive phrases, imitate mannerisms, exaggerate idiosyncracies. Part of the fun is figuring out who everyone "is."

I think it would be a good exercise in understanding other people. It's like a social mirror, it lets you see yourself as you're seen by others. I guess for it to have this value for everyone you'd have to do it Secret Santa style, so that everyone gets an imitator. Anyway, on the assumption that my idea won't catch on, I'm going to go ahead and start imitating other people for a day, just to try it out. Bonus points for anyone who can identify me on any particular day.


Blogger Konica said...

i would rather dress as a sexy cat

2:11 PM  

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