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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Balbo Good(ish), Bilbo Bad

While I'm talking about good Nazis, I want to make a preemptive argument that Balbo Drive and the Balbo monument in Chicago should stay. Balbo was a Fascist, but he was... if not a good Fascist, at least a very non-racist one. According to Wikipedia, he was "the only leading Fascist to oppose both anti-Jewish racial laws and Mussolini's alliance with Nazi Germany." (Imagine if Mussolini had taken his advice!)

Anyway he was a famous aviator, and he flew some planes to Chicago at a time when Italian-Americans were a despised minority, and so they loved him and had a parade or whatever. That is why there is a monument to him in Chicago, and a street named after him, and I don't want either of those facts to change. I would not be opposed to adding a memorial to the victims of fascism to put things in perspective.

No one's (recently) suggested getting rid of the monument or renaming the street, that I'm aware of, so I'm just trying to preempt the argument.