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Thursday, July 27, 2017

To Become Depressed, Read This Post

I just had a sobering thought. Even when Trump is gone from the political stage—even when he's gone from the world—Republicans from many states will have to speak of him reverentially so as not to antagonize his devoted followers. His impact is going to resonate in U.S. politics for years. (I really hope I'm wrong.)


Blogger Alan said...

I guess there are two potential grounds for hope: he'll fuck up badly enough that even his base turns against him; and his base will die out.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His base is old enough that before they die they may go senile and forget him

8:38 AM  
Blogger Kathrine said...

They might just ignore him, like they do with Nixon. We now think of Nixon as clearly terrible, but contemporaneously with his presidency (and for decades afterwards) a weird number of people passionately supported him, largely due to their deep-seated and violent disgust for hippies and [insert slur]s. Politicians got amnesia about Nixon himself and simply catered to violent disgust in other ways. Welfare reform, the drug war...they didn't need Nixon's baggage to pander to his most ardent fans. In other words, if Trump hurts white supremacy's brand too much, white supremacy will quietly direct its marketing dollars elsewhere.

The big question mark in that theory is, of course, the very low cost of communication (and the increase in political polarization that results --- now almost every audience includes your potential primary challenger).

1:54 PM  
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