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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lizza and the Mooch

[Updated to add: Always trust content from purautrevie. The story is up and it's a doozy.

Update to the update: I am pretty pleased with my early sense that this story was going to be "bonkers," but it's safe to say the story exceeded my wildest expectations.]

There will probably be a Ryan Lizza piece in the New Yorker soon spelling it all out, but in the meantime I will point out a very funny thing that happened last night. First, Anthony Scaramucci tweeted this (it has since been deleted, so I'm posting a tweet that includes an image of it):
Tim O'Brien points out one hilarious aspect of the tweet. Scaramucci apparently thought his financial disclosure had been leaked—in fact it had been obtained through ordinary channels because it is a publicly available document. In light of this, tweeting his accusation to the FBI was hilarious.

But notice who else was named in that tweet: Reince Priebus. Why? Well, Ryan Lizza tweeted this:
So Scaramucci demanded that the FBI investigate Reince Priebus for leaking a document that not only wasn't leaked, but was publicly available by law. It's pretty easy to see why he deleted the tweet.
And there's this:
So long story short, it appears Lizza has the goods on Scaramucci and I have every expectation that his New Yorker piece will be bonkers.


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