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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Lives of Mammals

The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.

Malcolm Gladwell is a fox. I think I saw him once on the Lower East Side, but maybe not. Anyway, I mostly admire his work, but unfortunately he seems to be operating with no bullshit filter.

I have added a link to Microkhan, Brendan Koerner's blog. Koerner is definitely a fox.

I have mixed feelings about Koerner's extreme embrace of foxiness. He clearly has a good eye for fascinating minutiae, but wouldn't it be better if he dug a little deeper? I mean, he's written a book, so it's not as though he's incapable of running an interesting idea to ground. But his blog seems frenetic, darting here and there. Like a fucking fox. I guess I'll try reading some of his published articles and whatnot, maybe it's all a balance.

And indeed, we need foxes as well as hedgehogs. But we also need insight, and I think Koerner is the kind of guy who could get a lot out of some of these ideas.


Anonymous Brendan I. Koerner said...

Thanks for the post and the link, James. You're now linked back at Microkhan.

You raise a good point re: Microkhan's emphasis on information rather than insight. I probably do need to strike a better balance--only been at this blogging thing for a month now, so still developing my legs.

On the other hand, insight takes reporting, and reporting takes time. And since Microkhan is a wholly unpaid gig, I can only spare it so many hours per day. I've also got articles/screenplays/books to write (or at least mull).

Hopefully I'll get a bit faster with the whole blogging thing in the coming months, and thus be able to fit in some deeper material. I gave it half-a-go in today's post 'bout Vermont's flagging birth rate.

Def. drop me a line if you've got any blogging wisdom to impart: brendanATmicrokhanDOTcom. Many thanks.

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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