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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Find Joy

One thing I want to say is that while the situation is very bad, and we must not lose sight of its awfulness, we must also not drown in it.  We must—must!—maintain our composure and our mental health.  This nightmare will last at least 4 years.  To allow our minds to be preoccupied with the horror is to destroy ourselves.  And that is not a productive way to fight.  It is because the stakes are so high that we can't be consumed by the thought of them.

Thanks to the relentless GOP war on Obama, we haven't really had peace of mind for a long time.  But now it will get far worse, and we have to find refuge and solace where we can.  This is what friends are for.  This is what books are for.  We stand to lose a lot.  Let's not lose our capacity for joy and hope and fellowship.


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