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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Delightful Passages: Grant's Memoirs

To keep my mind off things I am reading.  Here is a delightful passage from Ulysses Grant's memoirs:

The second occasion on which General Taylor was said to have donned his uniform, was in order to receive a visit from the Flag Officer of the naval squadron off the mouth of the Rio Grande. While the army was on that river the Flag Officer sent word that he would call on the General to pay his respects on a certain day. General Taylor, knowing that naval officers habitually wore all the uniform the "law allowed" on all occasions of ceremony, thought it would be only civil to receive his guest in the same style. His uniform was therefore got out, brushed up, and put on, in advance of the visit. The Flag Officer, knowing General Taylor's aversion to the wearing of the uniform, and feeling that it would be regarded as a compliment should he meet him in civilian's dress, left off his uniform for this occasion. The meeting was said to have been embarrassing to both, and the conversation was principally apologetic.
That's some O. Henry shit!

UPDATE:  Later in the chapter Grant claims, "I am not aware of ever having used a profane expletive in my life..."  I am somewhat dubious.


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