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Monday, May 16, 2016

For Which Life Is a Burden

I make it a practice to share amusing and colorful passages from the books I'm reading.  (Previously.)  To that end, from Louis Pasteur, by Patrice Debré (translated into English by Elborg Forster):

For all the shortcomings of this reductionist approach, one must recognize that pathological anatomy and cytology did have the merit of bringing the laboratory into the hospital.  Yet the very concept of the medical experiment was still far from rigorously defined; thus one can read in one textbook of the period that experiments on rabbits cannot be considered conclusive, for "the rabbit is a neurasthenic animal for which life is a burden, and which is only too glad to get rid of it."


Blogger Zed said...

Another plausible hypothesis is that politics in poor countries leads to dumb outcomes because the electorate is deeply uninformed (and hyper-reliant on partisan cues) and therefore unable to oppose even really dumb ideas. The difference between the two Santorum swindles you mention is just that one takes a little more effort to see through. There is a lot of political science writing in defense of blind partisanship, and in general I think good-government concerns are vastly overrated in the US, but at some margin they begin to matter... Yet another possibility is that the quality of policy analysis is a lot lower because some parties and maybe all parties are short of "wonks." (This might increasingly be the case with Republicans in the US.)

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