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Friday, January 01, 2016

Edinburgh vs. Glasgow

Following up on my previous post.  I don't want to be a dick or anything.  But is there any doubt that Edinburgh is superior to Glasgow?

I cite two pieces of evidence.

Edinburgh (pronounced "Edden Borough" as far as I can tell) is on the Firth of Forth.  Find me a better-named body of water, I dare you, you utterly contemptible little shit.

Edinburgh is the seat of Gladstone's famous and awesome Midlothian campaign.  (Technically the city itself was a separate constituency, but let's not split hairs.)  This is not unrelated to the important West Lothian Question.

I really want to visit Edinburgh, but unfortunately jet travel appears to be a major culprit in global warming, and it's very un-Scottish to indulge in that kind of thing.

(The Scottish people despise Donald Trump, which warms my heart.)

I'll give Glasgow "Glaswegians," which is legitimately awesome.


Blogger Zed said...

It surprises me slightly that *you* would hold that view. Edinburgh is upscale and tourist-ridden, even Disneyfied in places, and its big industry is financial services. In the past, as Edwin Muir and Muriel Spark and others say, it was also grimly puritanical. Glasgow is rundown, eclectic, diverse. It has an absurd dialect and comes up with shit like deep-fried Mars bars. The analogy to American cities would be something like Edinburgh:SF/Seattle/Boston::Glasgow:Chicago. All the really good distilleries are on the west coast of Scotland.

But the Firth of Forth is a good name and Edinburgh suburbs also have good names https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Lothian#Towns_and_villages

5:41 PM  
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