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Sunday, July 20, 2014

How To Take Away What Is Fake In You

I was thinking about a scene from "Oki's Movie," and then I realized I own it!  So here is a transcript of the scene.  A film instructor (who is also a director) is giving advice to a student.

Film instructor:  "Your sincerity needs its own form.  The form will take you to the truth.  Telling it as it is won't get you there.  That's a big mistake.  Don't be so stubborn.  You have potential.  Dialogue is great.  The characters' emotions aren't fake.  There's a real sensibility.  But if you don't fix this, it won't stand as a feature.  Can't your understand?"

Student:  "Do you want me to be greedy?  Is that why you do it, because of greed?"

Instructor:  [laughs]  "What the hell do you know?  So I'm doing all this shit because of greed?  I'm showing you how to survive.  You can't even change this?  Turning points!  Two turning points!  That's how to take away what's fake in you, idiot!"

Student:  "I can't.  I just can't do it."

Now, I don't know how good the instructor's advice is.  Hong Sang-soo may be winking at the audience, as the first paragraph of this review suggests.  But anyway I love that line:  "That's how to take away what's fake in you, idiot!"

I think this feeds into two of my current obsessions, beer styles and process vs. substance.  But I better defer those topics to another day.


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