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Monday, August 22, 2016

Mandatory Maximums

By far the strangest trend I've seen in the West's approach to Islam is the idea that it should be illegal for Muslim women to wear modest clothing (recall the French teacher who sent a student home for wearing a skirt that didn't reveal enough of her legs), or that if they do wear modest clothing, they are under a special obligation to confront misogyny in their societies.  Under no circumstances are they to be permitted to live their lives as they see fit.

This is basically a parody of Islamophobia, a reductio that is too absurd to be plausible in a novel.  In New York, toplessness is considered to be legally protected (unless it is commercial in nature), and so women cannot be arrested for taking their shirts off.  How long, though, until women can be arrested for not taking their shirts off?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

France is not the west; France is France. Its a unique place. Its illegal for gov officials to wear crosses even in private.

Its also a pretty racist place and much of this is coming from racism, but France is also more militantly secular than just about anywhere else. That plays a role too.

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