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Monday, May 30, 2016

A Few Love Songs

Here are a few songs that I, anyway, process as love songs—you may have a different view.

Tarkio was a Colin Meloy band that preceded The Decemberists.  This is a nice, short, sweet, mournful song.

Magnolia Electric Co. was Jason Molina's band.  We don't know exactly what the lover suffers from—depression ("you come out of the blues all them times by yourself")?  Addiction?  But I like the way the song mashes up the naive hope and the inevitable relapse.  You faded on me, darling don't fade on me, you faded on me.  I think that's probably true to life for a lot of people who have been in that situation.

This one is courtesy of Elisa, who emphasizes the subjugation/desperation of the song's lyrics.

"MAPS" allegedly stands for "my Angus please stay," but I actually prefer to think of it as a cartographical type thing.

This is the only new song in the bunch.  I am of the view that Thom Yorke has come to bear some physical resemblance to Willie Nelson.