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Saturday, June 15, 2013


There is an interesting piece in the New York Times about Jeremy Johnson, a Utah man accused of running a giant fraud.  But this anecdote, told by his younger brother, is the thing that really caught my eye:

He recalled the time the brothers were horsing around at home, sliding down the stairs in a cardboard refrigerator box. When a baby sitter came over, Andy Johnson says, his older brother tossed his shoes into the farthest end of the box and then sniffled that he couldn’t reach them.  
“He whipped up some tears and told her ‘my shoes are in the box,’ ” Andy Johnson recalled. When the baby sitter crawled in to retrieve the shoes, the brothers gave the box a gentle push downstairs. “I think that was the end of the baby sitter.”
I've got some bad news for Johnson:  there's no statute of limitations on murder.


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