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Monday, March 05, 2012

Great Minds in Communion

Coming to his senses, Levin got down off the haystack, looked at the stars and realized that night was over.

'Well, what am I to do then? How am I to do it?' he said to himself, trying to put into words all that he had thought and felt during that short night. All those thoughts and feelings were divided into three separate lines of argument. One was to renounce his old life, his useless knowledge, his utterly needless education. This renunciation gave him pleasure and was easy and simple for him. Other thoughts and notions concerned the life he wished to live now. The simplicity, the purity, the legitimacy of this life he felt clearly, and he was convinced that he would find in it that satisfaction, repose and dignity, the absence of which he felt so painfully. But the third line of argument turned around the question of how to make this transition from the old life to the new. And here nothing clear presented itself to him. 'To have a wife? To have work and the necessity to work? To leave Pokrovskoe? To buy land? To join a community? To marry a peasant woman? How am I to do it?' he asked himself again, and found no answer.

-Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

As though it was a game, she started to jerk me off more quickly, pressing my cock to her mouth. When her tongue touched the tip of the glans, I ejaculated violently into her half-open mouth. She swallowed with a little moan, then wrapped her lips around the head of my penis to get the last drops. I was flooded with unbelievable serenity, like a wave coursing through each of my veins. She took her mouth away and lay down beside me, coiling herself around me.

-Michel Houellebecq, Platform


Blogger Sarang said...

Ah yes, Levin, such a proto-feminist. Ah yes, Tolstoy, such an authority on logic and calculus.

12:47 AM  
Blogger James said...

It's easy to come up with ridiculous juxtapositions, but in fact Tolstoy and Houellebecq have quite a bit in common.

5:57 AM  
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